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Beautiful Aspect of Evolutionary Infinite Love

By Techie 0 Comment February 26, 2019

Evolutionary Infinite Love Let’s get to the point You made mistakes and you don’t want to admit it because you said I made mistakes (all of humanity) and now you and I are stuck in the blame game…okay perhaps I let it go, however, that still is not good enough, so we go about it […]

Cbd Oil for Anxiety

By Techie 0 Comment February 25, 2019

As research mounts up about the benefits of cbd oil, people are still interested specifically in cbd oil for anxiety. In this report, I’ll convey some facts about cbd oil and my experience with cbd oil for anxiety. More information about purchasing some cbd oil: Cbd actually stands for Cannabidoil. Cannabidiol is extracted from […]

What does CBD OIL Actually Do?

By Techie 0 Comment February 23, 2019

What does CBD OIL Actually Do? Clearly you must know why this oil from Hemp, Pot, Weed is so important, and so do I and this is what I found out. In our brains there are cells that scientists and researchers have called CB1 and CB2 receptors. And these receptors create a sort of connection […]

Study: Non-Heterosexual Women More Likely to Exhibit PTSD, Use Cannabis

By domaing4 0 Comment February 10, 2019

Gretchen Moore joined the U.S. Air Force in 2005, eager to serve her country. With multiple deployments to the Middle East, she also experienced the trauma typically associated with war. “I have [post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms] when I drive. For whatever reason, the tar on the side of the road looks like blood to me. […]

CBD Oil New Orleans

By domaing4 0 Comment February 9, 2019

Here is a list of places that offer CBD Oil for the area of New Orleans and surrounding areas. Enjoy and more lists of places where you can find CBD Oil throughout the United States: If you have been to these shops and want to express your honest reviews of them, please feel to comment […]

Adult-Use Marijuana Legalization Bill Introduced in Pennsylvania House

By domaing4 0 Comment February 9, 2019

A Pennsylvania lawmaker has introduced an adult-use cannabis bill, describing it as his state’s most comprehensive bill of its kind to date and “a bold call to move Pennsylvania onto the right side of history and into the 21st century.” Democratic state Rep. Jake Wheatley introduced HB 50, which would amend the Medical Marijuana Act […]

Acting Attorney General Faults UN Treaties for Blocking Cannabis Studies

By domaing4 0 Comment February 9, 2019

Acting U.S. Attorney General Matthew Whitaker on Feb. 8, 2019, blamed international treaty obligations for the delayed expansion of federally approved marijuana cultivation facilities for research purposes. During an otherwise tense oversight hearing before the House Judiciary Committee, Democratic Colorado Rep. Joe Neguse asked Whitaker for a status update on applications to become cultivators of […]

Government, Finance Leaders to Address Congress About Marijuana Banking

By domaing4 0 Comment February 9, 2019

When members of Congress convene for a hearing on banking services for the marijuana industry in mid-February 2019, they’ll hear testimony from a state treasurer, as well as individuals representing financial institutions, a drug policy reform organization, and a medical cannabis dispensary, Marijuana Moment has learned. The hearing is the first of the new Congress […]

Hawaii Senate Committee OKs Adult-Use Marijuana Legalization Bill

By domaing4 0 Comment February 8, 2019

A Hawaii Senate committee approved a bill Feb. 7, 2019, to legalize marijuana for adults 21 older in the state. A week earlier, the Committee on the Judiciary held a hearing and listened to spirited testimony from advocates and opponents of cannabis reform. When the committee reconvened for its latest meeting, they voted unanimously to […]

Get Some Lit Love at These Weed-Infused Valentine's Events

By domaing4 0 Comment February 8, 2019

For the modern stoner, every major holiday is a new opportunity to discover new and exciting 420-friendly events and activities, and Valentine’s Day is certainly no exception. In fact, it may be the perfect season for weed to take center stage, spice up an intimate gathering or infuse a romantic evening with a little happy […]