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Simple, Straight Forward and Good Looking! is ran by yours truly, Jordan.

A little about myself seems appropriate, however for those who just need a brief outline, read here:

I got lucky enough to reprogram banking machines and then realized my potential was not reprogramming per se, but in the internet, specifically, E-Commerce! So I started an online store providing solar power and earth friendly products to online shoppers. Editing and micromanaging all my own projects left me with too much going and not focusing on my business. Which led me into to educating myself about mobile app development, website design and ranking websites, generating traffic and other cool techie things along the way. I eventually closed down the store because of personal reasons and decided to provide digital services.

And those services are in I.T. , marketing, design and mobile. And here I am, providing services and products to online shoppers and those who I meet locally. Do you desire a fresh look for your website? Just email or call me and we’ll chat, email is For those who need consulting services or plan of action on how to increase conversions, feel free to contact me.

Okay, now for those who are interested in the long version…read ahead.

I started geeking around with computers when I was 10 years old. Yep, back when they were big bulky boxes and screens that looked a bit odd and a tower that was too loud and if you wanted a connection, you would wait and listen to the dial-up. Speed it up to 10 years after that portion of my life, everything is slick, fast and pleasing to the eyes and that’s about when I started an e-commerce business in the solar and earth friendly industry.

I enjoyed the e-commerce business and had to personally learn everything from marketing, domain names, inventory, customer services, phone orders, internet payments, credit processors, payment gateways, web design, web development, advertising, CTR(click-through-rate), web analytics, mobile design, SEO(search engine optimization), multi-channeling retailing, CSV files, importing/exporting, RTML(Yahoo’s proprietary web design programming for e-commerce), opt-ins, autoresponders, email marketing, shipping costs, affiliate marketing implementation, international shipping to customers, drop-shipping and customer retention. I was working like a dog for long hours, days, nights, months and years. One thing lead to another and took to learning more about web design, mobile and marketing. Because I was doing everything on my own and at times outsourcing to U.S. companies and overseas companies, things were getting too much and overwhelming. And with other family affairs that needed to be dealt with, I had to close down and reconsider what I enjoyed and decided and gravitated towards web design and marketing. I’m sure there will be other opportunities but until then, this is what I’m doing and it would be an honor to provide you with my passion, drive and skills to create an Awee-some web design!